Tokyo in pictures!

Some of handpicked moments from dusty faded memories of Tokyo locked away in Amu’s camera. The eternal clicks…that I can recall with same fondness over and again, in no particular order…

Sumida calling..

Picturesque Sumida river clicked from “Sky Tree” tower.

Tranquil. Ubiquitous.

Many bridges crosses the river as if creating false schism though its moire water flows nonchalantly.


Mini gardens and long arrays of Cherry trees tinsel its banks. Cherries blossom in Sakura season, time around Golden week holidays in March. Time when the entire city is blushing pink like newlywed bride and this riverscape turns into pink heaven. A beauty, I could only imagine at that point in time with Sakura long gone.

It was summer. Hanabi season! Time for fireworks. Time for Japanese business biggies to celebrate success of/with flying colors and ward off the evil. Number of fireworks are held in main city areas every summer. Schedule here. Biggest one is held on the banks of Sumida river near Asakusa on every last Saturday of July.

That was the day. Japanese citizens dressed in their best kimonos. Swarmed trains. Police on the streets chivied the crowd(unusual sight!). Sky shimmered with colorful fire crackers. Festive mood all over. Happy feelings. One happy memory.

Office with view!


 I work in a corporate world. It gets stressful some times.. well, all the time. Tiny escapades are always needed.

Many find solace in smoking ciggies and gulping gallons of coffee… I found it here. –>

The view from my office window on 13th floor. Refreshing disconnect from techie corporatey world.. right there at my desk.. at my disposal. A happy place, to look at.

Train in the rain..

An approaching train on the rainbow bridge clicked from the train bound to Odaiba. Slight drizzle. Pinch of romance. Macerated feelings.. and a well-timed shot! 😉

Tokyo rail network is highly efficient and deserves a big thumbs up! For two reasons. First of all trains are bang on time! Second of all they are exceedingly well connected to any tourist destination you may ask..

Equally cute, loving and adorable are the people traveling in it.. I remember getting lost umpteen times in my early days in Tokyo and I still remember those benevolent faces who despite the language barrier went out of the way to help me find my way. The ones who got me thinking – what are they ? are they real people?

On the same lines, I remember the incident posted on FB by my friend in Tokyo. That goes like this –

One day trains were delayed by odd 10-15 mins due to unknown reason and Station In-charge was distributing “Certificate of Lateness” to every waiting individual so that they can show it in the office..

Hard to believe but Its true..

Rainbow at night..

rainbow bridge

Double Decker, tri-liner, pristine white engineering masterpiece – the “Rainbow bridge”, belovedly named by the public.. and belovedly clicked by us from the higher decks of the Deck area, Odaiba.

As the night fall and fritinancy grow louder, the bridge illuminates in three different colors -Red, white and at a time in a segued sequence with all the lamps powered with solar energy.

My hero – Hachiko!

IMG_7655Remember the Richrad Gere movie “Hachi – A Dog’s Tale” ?

A moving tale of a dog Hachiko and his out of the world love for his master (Richard) which continued even after his master’s death.

That movie is based on true story of a pet dog from Tokyo.

His statue is placed at Shibuya station, Exit 8, the place where he waited for his master everyday. “Hachi” means number 8 in Japanese, which is also his birth date and Ko means affection. May be the exit is deliberately given number 8 to pay tribute to this great pet.

Anyways I saw this movie few months back on a flight. At the end of the movie I got emotional and while bawling out loud with choked up throat I promised myself that if I go to Japan I will definitely visit this place and hug my hero.. “Hachiko”

.. and here I just did!

Who knew then I was going to visit Tokyo this soon.. 🙂

Sea of people..


Just in front of Hachiko lays famous Shibuya crossing..

Ever seen that many people crossing the streets all at once and in random direction!? Any traffic will pull up short. That is what makes this place unique.

“Never underestimate the power of common man..” I say.File:icon razz.gif

Beyond the crossing, the place that looks  invaded by riotous neon signs is one of the biggest shopping area in Tokyo. Full of bling.. and exuberance. Home to best local/international brand stores. Although I preferred Ginza… Uniqlo, LOFT and GU. Chic yet good for my wallet.

Clock that goes back in time..

On one fine afternoon in my last days in Tokyo, after 3-4 rounds of dreadful packing, I was feeling lazy to cook lunch. So I headed to my regular Indian haunt(run by Pakistani 😛 ), eight blocks away from my apartment.

IMG_0047 - CopyOn the way there is this old clock tower. At Suitengumae Station Exit 1.

It has cute little boxes that opens every hour right at the stroke of the clock. From there bunch of figurines, tiny and cute, decked up in Japanese traditional kimonos, emerge, grouped in their boxes. First group on the top box rings the bell. Second dances. The leader -The Narrator  appears from the middle box in the last and narrates the old-time folklore. And they all vanish. To come again, next hour. The folklore is about how that place was domesticated at the time of war in Edo period and narrated in Japanese. My friend once told in bits and pieces.

I passed by it number of times and thought of taking picture but never did. Thinking, I will take a perfect shot with DSLR and zoom lens.

Finally I clicked it, from iPhone. Two girls dressed in Kimono simply made it perfect. Perfect shot doesn’t always need DSLR and high tech lens, right? 🙂

IMG_0060Best cityscape ever..

Everyday place. Near Mitsukoshimae. I saw many Film/photo shoots happening here. I particularly remember one. It was shoot for some bridal collection ad or for the newly wed couple.. who knows? On a wretchedly hot summer afternoon a petite Japanese girl clad in hefty bridal suit posed happily for the photo without any qualms.

What’s more beautiful? girl? bridal suit? or this place? I was thinking then..

One another hot n humid afternoon, I clicked this ->

my most favorite cityscape. It looks stunning with the “shadow” effect caused by reflection of glass building on the road on other side.

Funny Hole : And that’s cute drainage hole with a funny face.wink


What’s your pick? let me know… 😉


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