My Bucket List

Top 25 from the list.. here they go..

1. See Tajmahal – the sacred symbol of love.

Symbol of Love..

Symbol of Love..

2. Watch Sunset at Santorini, Greece.
3. Visit Niagara falls.




4. Visit NASA.
5. Go para-sailing.

Free as bird..

Free like a bird..

6. Be at GMT 0 0′ 0”.

GMT 0 0' 0''

GMT 0 0′ 0”

7. Tour de Europe.
8. Attend atleast one Derren Brown Live Show.
9. Stay in tent in a desert.
10. Travel by Maharaja Express.
11. Go Skydiving.
12. African Safari…
13. Visit Japan at Sakura time.
14. Meet Lucky Ali.
15. Watch Aurora borealis …and australis.
16. See Rome from Dan Brown’s eyes. Admire Bernini’s art.
17. Take a helicopter ride over Grand Canyon.
18. Hot-Air Balloon ride over pyramids in Egypt.
19. Take a drive on Great Ocean road.
20. Travel all over India.
21. See Stone Henge.
22. Visit Easter Island, Chile.
23. Take a boat ride in Venice
24. Sea walk.
25. Learn to play accordion.

Whats on your list?



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