Here I begin! – My Story

I always loved traveling.  Can’t really say I am passionate about it because then I would have wanted to sell off my lock stock and barrel and be a complete nomad. But that’s not the case. I would always need a place to call my “home” and people to call my “family” yet let my nomadic foot wander away at will, to explore new territories, to meet new people, to learn a new thing or two and come back with enriched mindset and renewed spirit.

I have seen my “passions” fizzle out if I am no longer able to keep up with them. But that’s not the case with travel.  More the hardships I face keeping up with it, more strongly I feel about it. Back in my 20s my orthodox background forbade my solo ventures.  Despite the odds, I managed to pull off few escapades on my own. And kept dreaming of bigger ones for later.

Then I met Ameya.

On our first date, I talked for hours about places I want to visit. He listened intently. My world turned around as I found out – he too had an itchy feet and was an amazing photographer. Life soon became picturesquely exciting.


Being together is such a big morale booster…

We got hitched and started our travel ventures with the most romantic places, slowly and steadily ticking off favorite items from our bucket list only to find it growing longer as we traveled. Every single bit of it was so beautiful that at the end of every trip, it felt worth logging the experience somewhere before it hit the hefty memory stack. Just for my own records.

But that never happened!

Back home – I was wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, successful executive, ambitious techie, management student, homemaker – I bore just too many other hats. Every return leg of journey felt like waking up from dream and getting back to reality. They say “Reality is bitter“, it’s true. With endless “to do” list populating the head, this feeling instantly got swept off in the flurry of daily routine and I went back to the same old “square one” again.

Today, while couch-surfing, I have found this little virtual space to call mine here on They say “It’s better late than never”. So inspired by them(who ever said it!), I have decided to make it happen.

So here I begin. No promises! Hope to bring something delightful and useful for you all and for me – the cherished memories to look back..


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