Happy place

She took an extra long swig of her coffee as she perched her legs on the ottoman, watching tranquil mossy grey water that laid ahead of the porch.

A bird swooped down into water at stone’s throw and emerged triumphant with a mouthful catch. “Oh! Well spotted!”. She took another long draught, smiling slightly. She had nowhere to go today but to sit there and relax.

Such an itchy feet she was but she chose to stay indoor in a place like Phuket. One would wonder why?

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Lantern festival, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The crowd behind me waited with bated breath, for their turn, as I carefully lit the candle and incense sticks, neatly placing them beside orchids in my krathong. It’s almost ready for its journey along Ping river’s silvery waters. I said my prayers and gave one hard push to the negativity inside me along with the krathong into the water, to see it float far far away from me. The full moon of November shone blissfully upon me as if filling my insides with divine energy.

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To the beach, please!

“don’t go in the sun, you will get tanned” they said.

She stepped out, headed to the beach. Coconut trees dotted the shoreline and swayed nonchalantly to the rhythm of the breeze. Milky white waves came chortling to her feet and soothed her sole. Hotly sun and the cool calm sea seemed to intercept each other. What a perfect day to be out, she thought.

Her liquid looking eyes wandered beyond the vast turquoise expanse ahead to the blue horizons and eventually settled on the line where the two met -The perfect intersection.

Sound of waves lulled her mind to the blissful sleep. She sat there for hours stress free. Without a worry. And her face relaxed into a gracious smile.

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Jodhpur, the blue city and beyond!

I am taking a stroll on our hotel terrace. It has beautifully carved domes, three on each of four sides and its abundant with artistic Chittar stone (sandstone) work which you will find only in Rajasthan.. it’s quite breezy here.
Jodhpur never struck me as a tourist destination (For it doesn’t have a beach!) until my husband brought me here for our 6th anniversary. I had little expectations from this place. Since I was here, I was ready to take all it had to offer.. who knew then I was going to discover something wonderful for myself.

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